Case Study – Agility360 Client Story

Upgrading IT Infrastructure for a Key Health Insurance Provider with Agility360

For a recent client, the security and safety of their customer’s data was, and remains, of paramount importance. Weston Analytics were therefore approached to assist with the supplying and configuration of a new firewall and WiFi infrastructure, for a reputable health insurance provider.

Prior to working with the Weston Analytics team, our client were utilising non-business-grade networking equipment which ultimately lacked the crucial security features and remote management capabilities required.

As a business dealing with highly sensitive information, ensuring the highest level of security was critical, especially when it came to remote working activity and securing internet and telephony traffic.
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Operating in the health insurance sector, our client faced stringent security requirements:

  • Stakeholders insisted that all internet and telephony traffic for remote employees be routed through the office internet connection.
  • A setup needed to be established that allowed monitoring of all activities, ensuring compliance with security standards and protecting all sensitive information.
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Our Solution

Based on the client’s operational needs, the Weston Analytics team took a methodical approach in designing, configuring and implementing a new network infrastructure.

  • High-quality, business-grade firewall and WiFi equipment was sourced to meet client needs.
  • A network infrastructure was then designed to integrate the new hardware seamlessly and configuration ensured optimal performance.
  • Onsite professional services were arranged, with an engineer being deployed onsite for two days to oversee installation and configuration.
  • Transitioning of the new network setup to utilise the infrastructure effectively, and device reconfiguration where needed.
This meant that we were able to provide the following solutions for our client:
  • Hardware-Based Firewall: Enhanced protection against threats with robust firewall capabilities.
  • WiFi Access Points: Reliable and secure wireless connectivity.
  • Dedicated Guest WiFi: Isolated guest network to prevent unauthorised access to the private network.
  • Client VPN Connectivity: Secure remote access for employees, ensuring all traffic is routed through the office for monitoring.
  • Remote Monitoring:Tools for ongoing remote management and monitoring of the network to ensure continuous security and performance.
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    Results and Benefits

    The enhanced security capabilities provided by Weston Analytics via their Agility360 service, significantly strengthened our client’s IT infrastructure and have ensured ongoing, robust protection against threats.

    The new setup has enabled secure remote working for employees, not just meeting with the stringent security standards of our client’s industry, but also allowing for the comprehensive monitoring of internet and telephony traffic.

    By delivering high-quality hardware and expert configuration services, Weston Analytics not only met the client’s immediate needs but have positioned them to effectively handle future challenges, by enhancing overall network reliability and security.

    Following the success of this project, the client has contracted Agility360 as Managed Services Provider (MSP), ensuring continuous support and growth of their IT infrastructure and enhancing future IT capabilities.